Comforting Contours Set

$ 240

“In the embrace of Comforting Contours, find comfort and harmony.”
This set of side tables is carefully crafted to offer both functionality and aesthetic allure. The round tops and gentle curves of the silhouette provide a sense of comfort, while their sturdy construction ensures durability and functionality . With these side tables, your living space becomes a haven of relaxation, where you can unwind and embrace the comforting contours that envelop you.

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Table 1:
WEIGHT 4,3 kg
DIMENSIONS (H×WxD) 54.4 × 40 x 40 cm


Table 2:
WEIGHT 3,4 kg
DIMENSIONS (H×WxD) 48.4 × 35 x 35 cm


Table 3:
WEIGHT 2,5 kg
DIMENSIONS (H×WxD) 42.4 × 30 x 30 cm

to be removed

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 80 × 69 × 64,4 cm
Top Color

Natural grey wood, Natural light wood, Walnut


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